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All-in-One Printers Pros/Cons September 13, 2008

I actually have an all-in-one HP printer which is a printer, copier, and scanner. I really enjoy all of the capabilities it has, especially the fact that I can print my own photos. Like many others I find it very convenient. I don’t have to go anywhere else to make copies or scan papers or photos into my computer. It is also very cost saving because bought individually, they would cost well over $200, which is the average price for all-in-one printers. However, I actually got mine on sale for $55, normally $100 a few months ago at Office Max. They are also maintenance and space savers, especially for small businesses. With a limited space, the one printer can take up much less room than three of four devices. Some newer all-in-one printers allow you to access media on compact-flash and memory sticks with the removable storage section. My HP actually has a section on the front of the printer where I can insert quite a few different storage options, view my photos with the small , and then print them.

On the other hand, some all-in-one printers can actually cost you more money in the long-term because of how much ink you are using for all of the functions. The cost per page printed is also higher with an ink cartridge than a photocopier. Another con is that if one of the functions break, the whole printer has to be sent off to repair. Also, some printers won’t work with certain computers.

Overall, I would buy an all-in-one printer again and I find them more useful than a simple printer.


4 Responses to “All-in-One Printers Pros/Cons”

  1. I have one two and really love it. We don’t use the photo printing capabilities too much because my wife likes to get them professionally printed. Other than the gloss of the paper, I have a hard time telling the difference. I don’t use the scanner/printer as much as I would have thought; but, when I have needed it, it was a real life saver. The only real limitation that I have noticed is that cost and speed of printing regular text. It’s designed to be able to do all this cool photo graphics, but when I just need to print off 100 pages of text, it’s slow and those ink cartridges are costly. That’s probably just me, because I like to print so I can read. I find it difficult to stare at a computer screen and read for hours.

  2. mdholden Says:


    I also own an all-in-one printer. I have found that I have as many quirks and costs associated with my all-in-one as I had with all three devices I was using before to perform the same functions. This type of device is just such a convenience and time saver for a student or anyone in a creative profession. I’ve also found it be so nice to have extra space on the desk that was originally occupied by a printer, scanner, fax, and camera dock. It is hard to really monitor the ink expenditures, escpecially if you’re not an everyday user. It is true that it’s a complete disaster if one function goes down because the whole printer is down. This is why I keep my old devices stored away. That’s also the same for any other all-in-one devices such as a dvd/vhs combo or a flat screen tv/dvd player combo. As the technology improves so will the negatives…until then I think a extended warranty is the best idea!

  3. alrosa Says:

    I think I’m one of the few people still left out there that actually has a dedicated laser printer for text, and photo printer for pictures and a stand alone scanner. I don’t know why, being that I use none of them professionally. I think it has more to do with my addiction to just buying a new piece of electronics. I think the only I’d be worried about is the drawbacks, if any that an all-in-one would have. Would the pictures be as clear and the text be as crisp if you were to use seperate components.
    The one big advantage I do see is just the space saving ability the all-in-one has. I might start shopping around for a more versatile all_in _one, please let me know. It will be nice to regain some of my desk space back that all the extra components take up.

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